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by Irwin Schiff
The Great Income Tax Hoax

It was the publication of this book in March, 1985 that caused the author's arrest in April of 1985. It contains the most comprehensive analysis of the income tax ever written, and uniquely explains why the income tax was declared unconstitutional in 1895, why the 16th Amendment passed, and how that Amendment (which "amended" nothing) has been totally ignored by the government. The book thoroughly details the historic and constitutional developement of the income tax from it's earliest direst taxing roots, through the income tax passed during the Civil War, to it's modern counterpart. It contains the only accurate description of the legal meaning of "income" ever to appear in print. In reviewing this book for the Coply News Service, Ralph T Toledano stated: "Puts to shame our economists, our legal profession, our great law schools, the federal judiciary and the Justice Department... should be in every university library and on the bookshelves of every senator and congressman." The book reveals how the Supreme Court has so emasculated the Constotution as to render that document practically meaningless today. Numerous tactics for frustrating the IRS and combating it's illegal procedures are presented. Extensive appendix material also provides an eye-opening understanding of the illegal nature of all U.S. coin and currency. Must reading. An indispensable companion to The Federal Mafia.  Soft cover 568 pages, index.
The Mafia