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by Irwin Schiff
The Biggest Con
How the Government
is Fleecing You

Over 100,00 copiesof Schiff's first book, an economic classic, are in print. The book will give you a thorough understanding of economics and is guaranteed to make you an expert on the subject - even if you read nothing else! It will convince you that most American "economists" don't know what they are talking about - which is why this country is in such deep economic and financial trouble. It provide irrefutable proof of how the federal government has been continually undermining the American economy and forcing a lower standard of living on us all. The book covers many complex topics. Such as: why all U.S. coin and currency is counterfit; how the U.S. declared bankruptcy in 1971; how the government hides and doesn't report 90 percent of it's debts; and the absurdity of it's gross national product statistics. The Biggest Con explains this in the humorous and entertaining style of Irwin Schiff. "The single most important book on the status of the nation that I have ever read," said Howard Ruff, editor of The Ruff Times. Soft cover. 359 pages

The Mafia
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