This excerpt is from the inside back cover of 'The Federal Mafia
The Federal Mafia
The Federal Mafia
Irwin Schiff
Irwin Schiff was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1928. After graduating from the University in Connecticut in 1950, where he majored in economics and accounting, he was inducted into the Army. Assigned to Army Finance, he saw the Army disburse funds in violation of its own regulations. His attempts to prevent this proved futile, and he learned early on how federal agencies don't really care how they spend taxpayers' money. He opened his own agency in 1953, specializing in estate planning and group insurance. He subsequently became a member of the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) and a Chartered Life Underwriter in 1958. During the sixties, he sold millions of dollars worth of oil and gas, cattle, and real estate tax shelters, and saw first hand how tax considerations alone influenced (i.e. distorted) business and investment decisions. His work in estate and pension planning revealed the financial destruction caused by the estate tax and government induced inflation.

In 1968 Schiff became alarmed by the efforts of the Johnson Administration, in violation of numerous constitutional provisions and
fundamental monetary principles, to remove all backing from U.S.
currency. He communicated these fears to Senator John Tower, a member
of the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency, who invited Schiff to
testify before that Committee at hearings scheduled in January, 1968.
A review of Schiff's testimony reveals that he correctly predicted the
dollar's ignoble decline if this course were followed, while
Administration predictions of a glowing future for the dollar, if only it were made non-convertible, proved, as events have shown, to have been pure hogwash. Schiff attributes the government's huge, current deficits to this illegal conversion of the nation's currency supply to a form of play money. As the author recently stated, "You don't think the government could generate $400 billion deficits if it had to spend real money, do you?"

Growing increasingly fearful that destructive governmental taxing and
monetary policies were undermining America's industrial strength and
lowering its standard of living, Schiff wrote, 'The Biggest Con: How The Government Is Fleecing You', which was published in 1976. That book received over 80 laudatory reviews, was a Conservative Book of the Month Club selection, and sold approximately 100,000 copies in hard and soft cover. In connection with doing legal research for that book, Schiff discovered that in 1928 the Supreme Court ruled that Americans did not have to provide *any* financial data on income tax returns. This information, however, proved to be only the tip of the iceberg. Over the next 15 years, Schiff's research, culminating in this book, revealed that every facet of the government's enforcement of the income tax is done in violation of the law.

In seeking to communicate this to the American public, the author
conducted seminars in practically every major city in the 50 states. He appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including "Larry King," and appeared regularly with such popular talk show hosts as Bill Bresnan, Ray Briem, David Gold, Bob Grant, Irv Homer and Michael Jackson. Schiff also made repeat appearances on television shows such as CNN's "Crossfire," "Sonia Live," The Financial News Network's "Money Talk," and appeared on the CBS and NBC evening news.

In order to discredit him, the author was framed in 1985 by a federal
judge and a prosecutor. The judge instructed the jury it could convict the author of tax evasion, even if the government did not prove he had evaded. The prosecutor, now a Connecticut state judge, knowingly used the perjurious testimony of IRS agents. In any case, based upon a recent Supreme Court Decision, that conviction must be reversed, and litigation to do just that is now pending in the courts. (See pages 266 and 280)

The author's court experience (he has litigated over a dozen federal cases himself) and his background in accounting, economics, actuarial science, and law, uniquely qualified him to expose what has got to be
the federal income tax.

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